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By Nadia Davids

ISBN-10: 1415207690

ISBN-13: 9781415207697

"It is 1993. South Africa is close to overall transformation and in Walmer property, a hectic suburb at the slopes of Devil's top, fourteen-year-old Alia Dawood is ready to suffer a metamorphosis of her personal. She watches with fascination and worry because the nationwide drama unfolds, longing to join what she is aware to be historical past within the making. As her progressive aspirations enhance within the months sooner than the  Read more...

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There is also the problem of self-deception in one’s struggles to see one’s standing and whether one did right. Nietzsche, one hopes, was not yet mad, but merely being provocative, in writing his lines to the effect that in such struggles self-deception will always carry the day. ‘“I have done that” says my memory. “I cannot have done that” says my pride. ’ It doesn’t always. It doesn’t with me. Memory may see to it that self-deception does not put a happy end to the struggle. Conscious self-deception, to introduce some useful detail, presumably does not consist in what people often suppose – the paradoxical feat of consciously believing opposite things at the same time.

I go to concerts in churches, and not only for the music, but I do not believe or, really, want to believe. You can only want what there is some chance of having. All I have been able to do along these lines is to affirm to myself that despite my failings I have a vicarious membership card in a moral struggle, a great struggle in politics that will certainly outlast me. It seems at moments to have outlasted the Labour Party that we used to have. It will last as long as there is desire and there is reason.

That is the solution to the problem of justice. This third philosophical conviction of mine is also a moral conviction, and so cannot have the kind of support of the first two, about determinism and subjectivity – the support of fact. Perhaps that is why I have held on to it tenaciously. It has needed allies. It would be fine, of course, to be able to agree with a handful of philosophers who have lately become bored with the orthodoxy about the nature of moral judgements – that all moral convictions are personal feelings.

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