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By T. Henriksen

ISBN-10: 0230620213

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This ebook surveys the transformation and projection of yank energy overseas because the cave in of the Berlin Wall. It summarizes U.S. dealing with of the Soviet Union's disintegration and covers the final seventeen years of U.S. interventions and conflicts.

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S. “gunboat diplomacy,” Latin American nations heaped scorn on the United States for reverting to its once-discarded practice of militarily intercession into the smaller countries to its south. The controversy spread from the Western Hemisphere to the United Nations. The Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China predictably sponsored a resolution in the Security Council condemning the United States and calling for an immediate troop withdrawal. S. 21 To sum up, America’s withdrawal, Panama’s return to 32 A m e r i c a n P o w e r a f t e r t h e B e r l i n Wa l l democracy, and the passage of time dissipated the anger but not Latin American memories of Washington’s high-handedness.

Convinced that he might have lost to the mass wave assaults by thousands of suicidal Iranian youth, Saddam Hussein resolved to step up Iraq’s pursuit of a full range of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), including nuclear and biological in addition to chemical arms. This decision was to put him crosswise with the United States and its allies. Well before that occurrence, the Iraq-Iran War bred another conflict that triggered American entry into its first Gulf War. 38 A m e r i c a n P o w e r a f t e r t h e B e r l i n Wa l l By 1988, and the end of the fighting with Iran, the Hussein regime found itself financially strapped and in debt for an estimated $60 billion to the Gulf states, principally Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

His Revolutionary Day speech on July 17, 1990 sounded much like a “public case” for invasion into Kuwait. Little time was lost in speculation about Saddam Hussein’s next move. First, he nullified Iraq’s wartime debts to Kuwait. Then on July 24, Hussein’s Soviet-supplied T-72 battle tanks rumbled up to the Kuwaiti border and stopped just short of crossing. His boldness was breathtaking because he ordered the march toward Kuwait one day after the Pentagon announced that it had acceded to the UAE’s request to send a tanker and cargo planes to the Gulf to participate in joint military exercises.

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