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By Subhasis Chaudhuri

ISBN-10: 1441907238

ISBN-13: 9781441907233

Ambulation research in Wearable ECG

Subhasis Chaudhuri, Tanmay Pawar, Siddhartha Duttagupta

Ambulation research in Wearable ECG demonstrates why, because of fresh advancements, the wearable ECG recorder substantiates an important innovation within the healthcare field.

About this book:

Examines the viability of wearable ECG in cardiac monitoring

Includes chapters written through practitioners who've for my part constructed such to put in writing concerning the details

Bridges the space among and algorithmic advancements with chapters that in particular speak about the features and their corresponding calibration issues

Presents an invaluable textual content for either practitioners and researchers in biomedical engineering and comparable interdisciplinary fields

Assumes easy familiarity with electronic sign processing and linear algebra

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1, which accounts for the thermal noise of resistors at the input of the amplifier. The common mode rejection ratio indicates capability of the amplifier to reject the common mode input signal such as powerline noise. The slew rate represents the highest rate of change in the input signal and hence the maximum amplitude of the signal at a specified frequency that the amplifier can handle. The input impedance of the amplifier matches with the skin electrode impedance for optimal capture of the ECG signal from the skin surface.

Further details about connections and configuration of NI-USB-6009 are provided in [1]. The digitized data is transferred to the computer through a universal serial bus (USB) in real-time 48 4 Calibration of Locket ECG amplifier NI−USB−6009 Lead−II USB Download Lead−II Locket ✄ ☎✁ ✄ ☎✄ ✂ ☎✁ ✂✁ ✂✁ ✂✁ ✂✁ ✂ ✂✁ ✂✁ Computer Fig. 1. Experimental set up for the calibration of the sampling frequency of the wearable ECG recorder. using a software interface. 1 interface. The other channel in Fig. 1, is connected to the locket.

Some part of the current flows through the body, which generates a common mode signal, at frequency of 50Hz (or 60Hz), on the body. Some part of the current may flow through the input impedance of INA if INA is AC-coupled. ACcoupled INA is desired because INA should tolerate at least ±300mV input DC offset voltage. If all components between the body and input terminals of the instrumentation amplifier are matched still CMRR of the signal conditioner module is a finite value and hence a small portion of the induced common mode signal appears as 50Hz (or 60Hz) noise in the recorded ECG.

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