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1992; Miller and Downs 1993; Miller et al. 1993; Miller and Downs 1995). Reporting the results of a meticulous longitudinal study, McCord (1983) found that parentally abused or neglected males did not differ reliably from parentally loved males in the proportion who became alcoholic in adulthood. History of physical abuse or sexual abuse during childhood did not predict number of lifetime symptoms of alcohol problems, diagnosis of alcohol dependence for men or women, nor arrest for adulthood alcohol or drug offences for men (Ireland and Widom 1994; Widom et al.

The modified CTS used in the study consisted of four verbal aggression items, four moderate violence items, and seven severe violence items. Each item on the CTS sub-scales was dichotomised into 0 = never happened and 1 = happened at least once. One point was scored for each item that happened at least once and points were summed across items for each sub-scale. Thus the range for the verbal aggression and moderate violence sub-scales was 0–4, and for severe violence was 0–7. This measure provided an index of the number or range of different items each respondent experienced for each subscale.

None of these interaction effects were statistically significant, indicating that the relationship between parental alcohol problems and each form of childhood violence did not differ in the clinical sample as compared with the non-clinical sample. The covariates did differ in their associations with the different forms of childhood violence however. Childhood abuse and alchol-related problems 25 Number of changes in childhood family and childhood SES were significant predictors of father violence.

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