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By Gordon C. Oates

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Layout and R&D engineers and scholars will price the accomplished, meticulous assurance during this quantity, which, lower than the specialist editorial supervision of Gordon C. Oates, positive factors the invited paintings of well known experts in airplane fuel turbine engines.

Beginning with the fundamental ideas and ideas of aeropropulsion combustion, chapters discover particular approaches, barriers, and analytical equipment as they undergo on part layout.

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The vapor density at the droplet surface O, is only a function of temperature and, since ~ cc 1 / P holds roughly, p , ~ will be proportional to 1 / P , the inverse of the local static pressure. Thus, as the pressure in the region of injection falls, the time required for evaporation of small droplets of a fixed temperature will decrease. For the simple situation under investigation here, the energy balance reduces to -3;/L = q where L is the heat of vaporization, ( - 3;/) the rate of generation of vapor, and 0 the heat transferred by conduction to the drop.

46, 1949, p. 601. 15Shchelkin, K. , Soviet Physics--Technical Physics, Vol. 13, Nos. 9-10, 1943. , Denniston, D. , and Wells, F. , Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 19, 1951, p. 541. FUNDAMENTALS OF COMBUSTION 43 17Scurlock, A. C. and Grover, J. , 1953, p. 645. 18Gerstein, J. and Dugger, G. , "Turbulent Flames," Basic Considerations in the Combustion of Hydrocarbon Fuels with Air, NACA Rept. 1300, 1957, Chap. V. 19Mellor, A. , "Gas Turbine Engine Pollution," Pollution Formation and Destruction in Flames, Progress in Combustion Science and Energy, Vol.

However, the low temperature of this stream makes vaporization of the fuel and hence afterburning most difficult. The addition of fuel in the order suggested here first produces a high temperature at the outer edge of the core stream where it can act as a pilot for the fan air combustion process. 6 k m and for low fuel-air ratios is due to the p r o b l e m of burning in the cold fan streams where vaporization of the fuel is very poor. The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the engineering information available concerning afterburner components and to indicate some of the current design practices.

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