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Following discussion, an Assistant Director was instructed to issue a formal memorandum to staff reminding them of the policy and the information and training available. Three areas of practice were identified in the memorandum as giving great cause for concern. Staff now knew that any subsequent variations from the policy would be vigorously pursued. In this way, sanctions for breaching the policy had become more transparent. The second way in which the Women’s Officer dealt with the identified ‘bad practice’ was through disciplinary procedure.

Part III of the Act dealt with homelessness and was subsequently amended by the 1986 25 Housing associations – rehousing women leaving domestic violence Housing and Planning Act. A useful postal survey of all local authorities in England and Wales was carried out in the period 1986/87 to find out how authorities were implementing this part of the Act (Evans and Duncan, 1988). A response rate of nearly 90% was obtained. The survey was quantitative and included questions about how the local authority responded to domestic violence.

2%) had been rehoused by a local authority. This was proportionately fewer women than in the national study conducted by Binney et al (1981) over approximately the same period (where 44% of the sample had been rehoused by the local authority). 5%) in this group had been rehoused by housing associations. The 80 women identified similar problems to those noted in Binney et al (1981): • staff in a number of local authorities refused to consider women as homeless; • the women were regarded as potential waiting-list applicants; • some local authorities expected women to provide independent proof of violence beyond what might be considered reasonable; • staff in some authorities added conditions, even if the woman was considered to be statutory homeless, such as expecting a woman to divorce before rehousing her.

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