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By Michael H. Hart

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This booklet speculates in regards to the vital innovations, clinical discoveries, and political and social advancements, that may take place throughout the coming millennium. It does this by way of offering -- throughout the eyes of a fictitious writer dwelling within the 12 months 3000 -- an inventory of the a hundred women and men who've had the best effect on global historical past and at the daily lives of individuals.

The hundred individuals are ranked so as in their effect. the most element of the publication comprises brief biographies of these a hundred individuals, describing what everybody finished, and why that individual is so important.

Forty-five of the entries are real old personages. those contain such popular figures as Jesus Christ, Confucius, Charles Darwin, Christopher Columbus, Albert Einstein, and George Washington.

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World This trend towards secularization first became important in the eighteenth century, in France (a Christian country the time). From there, the trend spread through other Christian countries at in Europe and North America. This process of secularization eventually engulfed the entire world; however, it started in Moslem Europe. ), the loss of faith in Christian countries was relatively greater than in Moslem ones. Muhammad 39 In fact, by the year 2050, Christianity had declined so severely become the leading religion in the world.

Thanarat himself was, of course, a leading target. However, as he kept moving quickly from one temporary headquarters to another, he managed keep one jump ahead of Majunga's forces for several crucial days. ) to Within 48 hours, these activities had escalated into bloody fighting between military and police forces loyal to Majunga and those supporting the cities on Earth. (There on the Moon; but some fighting occurred on a few other rebels. ) During the second, to third, and fourth days of the be getting the worst of the fighting.

However, the consequences of ago. today. nearly Indeed, as a powerful, organized his life still with us the peak of its it may well be that more when organized Christianity Indeed, people accept that notion today than followed at and teachings are His paradoxical idea that you should "love your enemy" has pro- foundly influenced modern philosophy. was 3000 years ago is long past its it ended seven centuries movement it worldly power. Christianity has long since ceased to have any political influence.

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