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By David Rohde

ISBN-10: 1101445394

ISBN-13: 9781101445396

The compelling and insightful account of a New York Times reporter's abduction via the Taliban, and his wife's fight to unfastened him.

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Gunmen from the station wagon beat them with their rifle butts and lead them away. A gunman from our car motions for me to get out of the vehicle and take a few steps up a sand-covered hillside. While one guard points his Kalashnikov at me, the other takes my glasses, notebook, pen, and camera. I am blindfolded, my hands tied behind my back. My heart races. Sweat pours from my skin. “Habarnigar,” I say, using the word for journalist in Dari, another local language. “Salaam,” I say, using an Arabic expression for peace.

9. Flown by Pakistani army helicopter from Miran Shah, North Waziristan, to Islamabad, Pakistan: June 20, 2009. 10. Flown by American military plane from Islamabad, Pakistan, to Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan: June 20, 2009. , June 21, 2009. A BLOOD MESSAGE TO OBAMA David, November 9-10, 2008 On a Sunday afternoon, the Kabul Coffee House and Café is an island of Western culture in Afghanistan’s capital. American and European contractors, aid workers, and consultants sip four-dollar café lattes and cappuccinos.

The other sits in the front passenger seat and trains his rifle on us. Tahir shouts at the men in Pashto. I recognize the words “journalists” and “Abu Tayyeb” and nothing else. The man in the front passenger seat shouts something back and waves his gun menacingly. He is small, with dark hair and a short beard. He seems nervous and belligerent. I hope there has been some kind of mistake. I hope the gunmen will call Abu Tayyeb. He will vouch for us and quickly order our release, a scenario that played out with the American journalist who ventured to Ghazni.

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