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It is the 1st monograph-length examine of the force-feeding of starvation strikers in English, Irish and northern Irish prisons. It examines moral debates that arose through the 20th century while governments permitted the force-feeding of imprisoned suffragettes, Irish republicans and convict prisoners. It additionally explores the fraught function of legal medical professionals referred to as upon to accomplish the approach. because the domestic workplace first authorized force-feeding in 1909, a couple of questions were raised in regards to the method. Is force-feeding secure? Can it kill? Are medical professionals who feed prisoners opposed to their will leaving behind the clinical moral norms in their career? And do country our bodies use felony medical professionals to aid take on political dissidence from time to time of political crisis?

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20 While asylum physicians were perfecting their feeding technologies, groups of women were gathering together to discuss why they were not allowed to vote. In England, the Reform Act of 1832 had extended voting rights to adult males who rented propertied land of a certain value. It gave voting rights to around one in seven men. The Reform Act of 1867 extended the franchise to men in urban areas who met a property qualification, further increasing the scope of male suffrage. Campaigns for female suffrage began to surface.

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Notably, medical criticism was not always confined to medical men with any obvious affiliations to suffragism. It also surfaced from individuals with limited interest in votes for women but whose attention had nonetheless been captured by the ethical implications of force-feeding. Lyttelton Forbes Winslow was a controversial psychiatrist who had gained notoriety for investigating the Jack the Ripper murders, and had long argued that crime and alcoholism resulted from insanity. 47 Similarly, impartial surgeon Forbes Ross stated in The Observer that he considered force-feeding to be ‘an act of brutality beyond common endurance’.

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