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ISBN-10: 1101075724

ISBN-13: 9781101075722

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Best nature & how it works books

From Birds to... Aircraft

Find out how birds encouraged inventors to create gliders, balloons, and airplanes.

Steam, Smoke, and Steel

All aboard! This teach travels via heritage making stops in time to profit concerning the growth of trip by means of rail. Hop up into the cab of a dashing modern day locomotive and glance down the tracks into the earlier. might be those are an identical tracks that the diesel-electric locomotives of thirty years in the past thundered down, pulling their quite a bit.

Designing a Winning Science Fair Project

Layout, perform, and current the result of a technological know-how undertaking. scholars will use proper earlier wisdom of medical experiments to give their rules in a brand new means. The domain-specific vocabulary is helping scholars develop deeper of their knowing of the way to hold out experiments successfully.

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