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NASA aeroplanes used for training astronauts have the nickname ‘Vomit Comets’, as the weightlessness that passengers experience often makes them throw up. Characteristics of tetanus are muscle spasms in the jaw and difficulty swallowing, which is why the disease is also known as ‘lockjaw’. Gruesome Body Facts If your skin did not secrete its naturally antibacterial substances, you would go mouldy! Hair cannot turn white with fright, but shock can make pigmented hair suddenly fall out. An older person whose hair is a mixture of colour and grey would then be left with only grey hairs, appearing to turn white overnight.

Mad honey intoxication is caused by eating honey made from rhododendron nectar. Symptoms include vomiting, excessive salivating and sweating, and tingling around the mouth. Gruesome Food Facts Anticuchos are South American goat heart or cow heart kebabs. A hearty meal on a stick. A British chef was bitten by a highly venomous Brazilian wandering spider that had been hiding in bananas in his kitchen. He was quick-thinking enough to photograph the spider on his phone so that he could get the right treatment.

Filipino ‘chocolate pudding’ is in fact, a dark brown stew of pig’s organs in a spicy pig’s blood gravy. The red food colouring carmine (E120) is made from crushed cochineal insects. An outbreak of the disease salmonella in Britain during the summer of 2005 was traced to lettuces imported from drought-hit southern Spain. Desperate farmers had used their household sewage to water crops. qxd 12/6/07 9:38 am Page 49 49 Japanese basashi vanilla ice cream is made with chunks of raw horseflesh. If you don’t fancy that, there’s always yagi no aisu: goat’s milk and goat’s meat ice cream.

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